VITAL PLUS CAPSULES COMBO (Buy 1 Get 1) ($60 savings)


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90 Capsules. Vital PLUS capsules provide an optimal way to help support immune health by incorporating a variety of natural herbs and supplements, each known for their anti-inflammatory and immune defense capabilities.  

- Cordyceps, Resishi, & Agaricus Mushroom for immune-building properties.
- Tumeric, Ginger, & Fucoidan for anti-inflammatory properties.
- Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, & Lutein for memory & vision support.
- Milk Thistle, CoQ10, & Gymnema Sylvestere for nutrition & blood sugar regulation. 

This mix of Eastern herbal remedies provides power-packed immune defense nutrients for your body. 

- Cordyceps, Resishi, & Agaricus Mushroom for immune-building properties.
- Tumeric, Ginger, & Fucoidan for anti-inflammatory properties.
- Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, & Lutein for memory and vision support.
- Milk Thistle, CoQ10, & Gymnema Sylvestere for nutrition & blood sugar regulation.

Take 3 Vital PLUS per day to support a healthy heart, liver, vision, kidney, lungs, brain, and immune system.