SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules


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SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules
SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules


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  • 90 Capsules. SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen capsules provide an optimal way to help support skin elasticity & firmness, strengthen hair and nails, improve skin complexion, and even help manage joint health. 

    - Type II Collagen for skin elasticity. 
    - L-Glutathione for blemish reduction.
    - Biotin for nail strength.
    - Berry, Pomegranate, & Grape Seed Extract for anti-oxidants.

    How Can Collagen Benefit Me?

  • Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids which helps maintain our connective tissue, skin, hair & nails. When we are young, Collagen makes up 80% of our skin, however, over time, we lose collagen at a rate of nearly 1% per year. Supplementing with collagen helps slow down this process and maintain a more youthful look. 

    Research also shows that high doses of Biotin have the ability to treat weak hair and nails. Other beauty benefits of Biotin include preventing acne, skin dryness, flaking and rashes. It also supports thyroid and adrenal function and is needed to build and repair tissues and muscles.

    L-Glutathione is a powerful molecule produced by our bodies which plays a key role in antioxidant defense, the breakdown of nutrients, and regulation of many biological processes (including immune response). As we age, we produce less, and as such, supplementation becomes necessary. It has also shown effects in helping manage and reverse skin blemishes through the conversion of melanin to a lighter color and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment.

  • Take 3 SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules per day to help maintain a healthier skin complexion and strengthen nails and hair. 

SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules
SilkySkin Biotin & Collagen Capsules
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Quynh D.
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I don’t see any results until now

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Sure meal

The taste is not easy to drink. It does not curve my appetite. I still get hungry really quick, no way this can be a meal replacement.

Love it

Recommended Silky Skin to all my friends. Collagen is a must-have for any woman's skin care

I use this to supplement my skin routine.

I have a regular skin routine. Everyone should supplement both their surface-level skin routine with proper diet AND **** supplements!! How can you feed your skin just from the outside! Your body needs collagen to help it regenerate and this helps keep your skin nice and firm :)

Take this daily

Part of my daily routine