SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)


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SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)


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  • (15 Servings) SureMeal™ Complete vanilla nutrition powder mix is ideal for mixing with your favorite smoothie or simply with 8 oz. of water or milk. As its name implies, SureMeal™ Complete is the combined benefits of our entire line of premium nutritional shake mixes.  

    gluten free 

  • We married the skin, hair & nail benefits from SureMeal™ Beauty with immune-defense & cancer fighting power of SureMeal™ Vital. We also included extra natural ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Glucosamine, Bilberry, & Gymnema Sylvestre (Learn more about the Vitamins & Herbs in our products) to help with Memory support, Joint health, Vision support, & Diabetic support.

    • 18 g Protein
    • <1 g Sugar
    • 5 g Fiber
    • Proprietary blend of herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals to support Anti-aging, Immune Support, Liver Support, Joint Support, Cardiovascular Support, Blood Sugar Health, Memory Support, Vision Support

    Included from Vital & Beauty

    • Cordyceps, Reishi Mushroom, Agaricus, Fucoidan, Phyto Curcumin, Milk Thistle, Ginger and CoQ10 to provide optimum support for your heart, liver, lungs, kidneys. (for more information on these herbs, reference our Vitamin, Herb, & Supplement guide). 
    • Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), & Biotin, for joints, bones, skin, nails, and hair health


  • Directions:

    Mix 2 scoops (60 g) into 8 - 12 oz of water, skim milk, whole milk, or juice. Can also be blended into yogurt or a smoothie for more volume. 

    Suggested Usage:

    For Healthy Nutrition: Enjoy a Suremeal™ Complete shake everyday as a healthy meal. Can be taken as a small meal replacement or as a snack between meals.

    For Weight Loss: Replace your biggest meal of the day with a Suremeal™ Complete shake. For faster results, replace two of your meals with SureMeal Complete shakes.

    For Weight Gain: Take one or two Suremeal™ Complete shakes between meals. For added calories mix with whole milk or juice.

SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
SureMeal™ Complete - Total Wellness (Bottle)
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Lai N.
United States United States

Sure meal shake

Good I am definitely buy from you again thanks

Thu P.
United States United States

Sure Meal

Good product it has everything in it and good for health

Lena T.
United States United States

Good product

This type of Suremeal has so many vitamins and biotin, the ingredient that I need the most for my hair loss issue. The down side is 5% cholesterol. So I next time I will try a different type of Suremeal, which has 0% cholesterol

Hai L.
United States United States


Verry good, My mom like it

An P.
United States United States

Popular product for older people - but shady business practices

I have not personally used this product, so I can’t say much to its taste and effectiveness, however, I do know it’s very popular in Asia. My grandmother, who lives in Vietnam, heard about this from a neighbor and decided to give it a try as she’s only been using Ensure for years before this and haven’t noticed any improvements. She is 80+ years old and weak, and she has trouble eating, so we were hoping this is enough to give her the energy and nutrients she needs. She’s been using this consistently for 6months now, and no complaints so far. With this said, most of my complaints are mainly about their business practices, not the actual product. While online purchasing in the US is easy (I ship to Vietnam with a local carrier, although I was told they do ship directly to Vietnam if you buy a certain amount), their sales tactics are incredibly off-putting, to say the least. When I was first only checking out the website, I had put in my contact information at checkout, but then decided to wait on it instead. Immediately within that day, I got a phone call from the company (didn’t even realize they saved my information like that!). They spoke to me in Vietnamese from the get-go (I do not speak fluent Vietnamese), so I gave the phone to my mother to speak with them, as she was also the one who asked me to buy it. While on the phone, they kept pressuring my mom to buy it from them right then and there over the phone (I am adamantly against phone transactions), so she kept asking me to help her with the purchase. I explained to her that I can buy it online later, and that we will not be buying over the phone. They continued to call back and even sent text messages to my sister’s phone (how they got her number I have no idea!). I understand phone operators get a commission on sales, but this is not the way to do it. Since then, we’ve purchased many more times (at the request of family overseas), but every time we are again bombarded with these aggressive and violating sales tactics. One time my mom had questions on another product, as this one was out of stock, and she called in to ask. They kept pressuring her to buy it on the phone again and even went as far as telling her to just buy the other product right now instead and put it into an empty container for this one, as my grandma wouldn’t even notice the difference! That is incredibly outrageous and fraudulent to even suggest! Even my interactions with their online chat platform (which is basically messaging their FB page) was unpleasant, as they again spoke to me only in Vietnamese. After multiple attempts to ask for an English speaking representative (took them a WHILE to get back to me with someone who could speak English), they were not very helpful at all and refused to give a straight-forward answer to my question. They kept asking me for my phone number, saying it’s better to speak on the phone and they can provide better suggestions. However, my question was a simple yes/no question asking if there were any current promotions, yet they kept insisting on getting on the phone. After I adamantly denied the phone call, they told me that there are only phone promotions currently, and only if I place the order over the phone. Overall, this company feels incredibly suspicious with many red flags. However, given my family’s preference for this particular product, I will have to continue purchasing in the meantime.