Nutrition Drinks and Shakes for Adults and Children: Keeping your Family Healthy

Nutrition Drinks and Shakes for Adults and Children

In these current times, maintaining a strong immune system, healthy weight, and keeping your body tuned are the best way to defend against colds and viruses.  These factors are heavily influenced by an individual's diet.

Nutrition drinks and shakes are a viable option for adults and children to receive the nutrition they might be missing from their normal diets. Though the ideal method for adults and children to receive their nutrition is through the food they eat, many times, despite all efforts, most find themselves undernourished and missing their daily values of key vitamins and minerals.

Currently, the options to get the proper FDA recommended daily nutrition are either through food (the most ideal method), by swallowing multiple vitamin pills daily, or by turning to a nutritional meal-replacement shake.

However, there is also a significant portion of the population suffering from a lack of appetite & may find it difficult to get their nutrition through just food or others who struggle to swallow the multivitamins or dislike the aftertaste. 

Being able to supplement a diet with nutrition shakes which contain the proper protein, daily vitamins and minerals that are low in sugar could be an ideal solution to these concerns. 

Nutrition Drinks and Shakes

The Hard Truth: A Nutrition Report Card

The following was aggregated from: Micronutrient Inadequacies in the US Population: an Overview. 

  • Approximately one-half of American adults have at least one preventable chronic disease.
  • More than one-third of adults and 17% of children and adolescents are classified as obese.
  • 94.3% of the US population do not meet the daily requirement for vitamin D
  • 88.5% for vitamin E
  • 52.2% for magnesium
  • 44.1% for calcium
  • 43.0% for vitamin A
  • 38.9% for vitamin C.

See our post on MicroNutrient Deficiencies in the United States.

What Should You Be Getting?

So, what benefits should users be garnering from a quality nutrition supplement / meal-replacement product? Natural whole food supplementation is going to be the best avenue for individuals to truly get the optimal nutrients; however, we understand circumstances may disallow this, either due to suppressed appetite, inability to chew, or simply just less access to these foods. Thus, we strongly feel that a nutrition supplement shake should be giving its consumers the following: 

1. Quality whey protein to support lean muscle growth and maintenance. Given many use these products either in recovery, to help maintain their bodies as they age, or for growing children, adequate protein is a must. For those seeking to manage weight, whey protein offers a way to feel fuller for longer.

2.  Fiber to support digestive function. Those suffering from a loss in appetite, may not necessarily be able to get their fiber from food and diet alone. 

3. Low Potassium & Low Sodium. For those who are going through dialysis treatment, this requirement is critically important. 

4. High in Calcium. For children and adults, calcium is a crucial building block for maintenance of strong bones as well as growth. Those taking these products as an alternative to milk (due to a lactose intolerance) may not be receiving the adequate calcium they require. 

5. No added sugars. We covered this already, but it's worth mentioning again. The addition of sugars to the formula only serves to create energy spikes, potentially exacerbate inflammation, and provide a risk to diabetics. 

SureMeal™  Nutrition Drinks & Shakes Are Low in Sugar , High in Nutrients

Each one of the SureMeal™ formulas is low in sugar – less than 1 gram per serving, with high amounts of fiber & whey protein. However, what truly differentiates SureMeal™ are its customized formulas focused on meeting your individual lifestyle needs.

See the ingredients here.


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