Sobering Look At Nutrition in the U.S

Sobering Look At Nutrition in the U.S

I'm sure many of you reading this are likely aware of the lack of nutrition we get from much of our foods. We live busy lives, and as such, properly fueling our bodies has suddenly taken a back seat. We begin to heavily depend on food high in sodium and sugar for quick bursts of energy, but at the detriment of our bodies for the long-term.

Proper nutrition is a marathon, not a sprint. You cannot simply enhance your diet for a day, week, or even a month and expect to reap the results. Take a look below and see how the U.S population stands in terms of micro-nutrient deficiencies. 

SureMeal Nutrition in the U.S


So what can we do? Getting proper nutrition shouldn't be difficult. Meal-supplementation is a great way to achieve this. Though we do heavily recommend receiving your nutrients directly from whole foods, vegetables and fruits, to help give that extra assist on those busy days, a meal-supplement such as SureMeal can be a huge boost to your body and re-align itself to becoming healthier.  

For those that have trouble eating or swallowing, SureMeal is also a great addition - it provides vitamins, nutrients, protein, fiber, all with No added sugars (compare this to the competition).

With SureMeal, you can rest assured you are receiving adequate vitamins and nutrients, without loading up on the sugar.

Take control of your diet & nutrition today, fight chronic illness and live a better tomorrow.

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