SureMeal vs. The Competition

It's all in the numbers.

SureMeal™ Basic contains more protein & more fiber per serving than Ensure Original & BOOST Original, with < 1 g of Sugar and 0 Cholesterol.

With less sugar, less carbohydrates, & lower cholesterol when compared to the current leading meal replacement shakes, SureMeal™ Basic is the safer option for diabetics, better option for your growing child, & ideal option for those seeking to lose weight in a mindful and healthy manner.

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Competitive Matrix Sure Meal versus Ensure(click to enlarge)

Premium Products, Premium Nutrition.

Even when compared with the Ensure® ‘Advanced Nutrition’ product, the SureMeal™ premium lines have a fraction of the sugar content, half the fat, and more fiber per serving.

Sure Meal Nutrition Shakes Compared to Ensure Premium Lines

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The SureMeal premium lines also contain proprietary blends of unique ingredients, vitamins, herbs, and supplements that aren't available in the ingredient profiles of other products on the market - choose the right SureMeal™ product suited for your lifestyle & health goals and upgrade your health and wellness today!