SureMeal™ Classic


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SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic


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  • (15 Servings) Suremeal Classic vanilla nutrition powder mix is ideal for mixing with your favorite smoothie or simply with 8 oz. of water or milk.

    provides an optimal balance of protein & nutrition to help satisfy your hunger and give you lasting energy. Use as a meal-replacement, meal-supplement, or as an easy way to help meet your daily nutrient requirements. 

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    • 17 g of whey protein for lean muscle support
    • 26 vitamins and minerals
    • 5 g Fiber 
    • < 1 g of Sugar, safe for diabetics
    • Enzyme blends & White Chia Seed for digestive health.
    • Probiotics & Colostrum for immune support
    • Extra Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D to support strong bones.
    • Extra lactase enzyme was added to provide support for lactose-intolerant individuals.

  • Directions For Use:

    Mix 2 scoops (52 g) of SureMeal™ Classic into 8-12 oz of water and stir until dissolved. DO NOT mix with hot water as it will not dissolve  properly. It is best to mix with a cool or cold liquid. Feel free to mix with skim milk, whole milk or juice, or blend with yogurt or smoothie.

    Suggested Usage:

    For Healthy Nutrition: Enjoy a Suremeal™ Classic shake everyday as a healthy meal. Can be taken as a small meal replacement or as a snack between meals.

    For Weight Loss: Replace your biggest meal of the day with a Suremeal™ Classic shake. For faster results, replace two of your meals with SureMeal Classic shakes.

    For Weight Gain: Take one or two Suremeal™ Classic shakes between meals. For added calories mix with whole milk or juice.

SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
SureMeal™ Classic
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Lai N.
United States

Sure meal

Great product I bought and drinks every morning

Melva S.
United States United States


Haven’t used it yet

trinh n.

great for daughter

The day before the daughter bought for the classic box, it was very good!

Kieu L.

Sure meal classic

My daughter, who was a premature, preterm baby, only 2.7kg, from the start of kindergarten I have found her much smaller than her classmates, I want to improve my health and height. little. Between a "forest" of milk on the market today, "using the best formula for babies" is a question that I have always wondered. Once casually chatting with her cousin in the US, understanding my concern she introduced Suremeal milk, she said this milk is being used by mothers with small children in the US, seeing me I was skeptical of my sister saying, "Let me send you a try box." Honestly, my daughter hates to drink milk, every time she presses her to drink like a torture, when I hold the Suremeal box in my hand, I thought, "How to lure her in this way?". But when giving the Suremeal cup to the baby, she asked "what is it that is so sweet?" I said "the milk of their cousin sent it to her, try it a little" as in the previous times, she grimaced when she heard it. From milk, but also taking a drink, drinking a few gulps, said, "This milk is delicious, mother." Since then, I have been switching to Suremeal, absorbing my daughter who has been drinking Suremeal for over a year. The week before I was playing with my son at the park, I accidentally met my childhood friend, when my child and my friend near me were startled because my daughter was taller than her friend who had only stood before My ears… Since I took Suremeal, my child was much healthier and more alert… As a housewife I rarely shared on social media, but because Suremeal's effectiveness was so great, I hope that you Other mothers can choose to give their children the best and safest milk to help them be healthy, smart, alert and have an ideal height.


Great source of protein.

18 grams of protein, all the vitamins and minerals I need, and the vanilla ice cream tastes so good.